#ruby Apr 1st, 2024

Announcing Action Mailbox Pro

Cody Norman

I’m very excited to finally share some more information on a project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months.

Recently, I’ve published some articles on Action Mailbox and some of my experiences with it. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak about Action Mailbox at Rails Conf this year. I’ve also been able to speak in person on this topic at some meetups and got great feedback on what people are interested in.

Starting today, I’m opening a waitlist for an in-depth and hands-on course with Action Mailbox.

The perfect starting point for developers looking to incorporate email processing capabilities into their Rails applications. This practical, hands-on course will guide you through the fundamentals of Action Mailbox, a powerful framework for handling incoming email within a Ruby on Rails application.

ActionMailbox Pro

The hands-on sections will cover some real-world and practical use cases (maybe impractical too…)

Each section will include focused and short text and video lessons. The advanced sections and hands-on sections will be separate so you can skip or revisit the details as you need it.

I’m hoping to have the course completed sometime this summer. I should have a better idea of the dates after some sample videos and chapters are made available for feedback.

The idea is to record an intro lesson people can preview to make sure things like lighting, sound, screen resolution, etc are all in order before moving forward. I don’t want to record the whole course only to find out the sound is off or something else is wrong.

Join the waitlist now to get more information on early access and limited discount offers for pre-sales.