#bootcamp Dec 3rd, 2014

New Site, New Job

Cody Norman

Hello all! My last post was on a different blog and a few months back. I decided to set up a new blog once I came across the Octopress blogging framework. It’s billed as “A blogging framework for hackers” making it much easier to share code snippets. It’s also built in Ruby so it seemed like a great project for me to tinker with. This will be a place where I can share what I’m working on, tips and tricks I pick up, and the occasional rant.

So… on the last update, I had just started working on SQL queries at the Coding Dojo bootcamp. Shortly after that, we began our PHP section of the bootcamp. When we finally started working on programming instead of just HTML and CSS, I didn’t look back. The next 2 months or so, I tried to cram as much coding as I could into a day. That was the main reason I wasn’t able to keep up with my posts as much as I would have liked. I’ll going into a lot more detail about the bootcamp experience in a later post. For now, I just wanted to catch things up. My 3 months in Silicon Valley we great, but I ended up leaving about a week early. It wasn’t for any bad reason though, quite the contrary. I was leaving early because I got an offer to start working as a Ruby on Rails developer at Bestimators back in Philadelphia. The company was about to start a 3 month program with Dreamit Ventures. Dreamit is one of the top startup accelerators around with offices in New York, Austin, Israel, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Leaving the bootcamp a week early meant I had to miss out on presenting a final project at the Coding Dojo’s demo day. Today is the payback. As I’m writing this, the demo day for Dreamit Philly’s class of 2014 is in about 3 hours.

Once demo day is wrapped up, and thing have settled down a bit, I’ll talk about what it was like going from a coding bootcamp directly into a startup incubator for 3 months.

For now, thank you so much for cheking out the new blog and please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about switching careers, becoming a software developer, working at an early stage startup, or what it’s like to go through a start up accelerator.